Within its Vision, the Tanzania Commission for universities envisages becoming a world-class higher education regulatory agency that promotes, sustains and safeguards the systemic growth and excellence of university education in Tanzania. This is realised by promoting access, equity and harmonised quality university education systems so as to produce globally competitive quality outputs for the national socio-economic development. Among the major roles of TCU is to ensure orderly performance of the universities and maintenance of the set quality standards by providing support to universities in terms of coordinating the admission of students. The specific functions of Admission department as provided in section 5 (1) of Universities Act are as follows:

i) Set requisite academic criteria for student admission into universities,
ii) Approve admissions into institutions of higher education,
iii) Provide a central admission services for university institutions.

The strategies for ensuring implementation of the above functions include:

a) Ensuring institutions admit students according to existing capacities as established through optimal capacity utilization measures,
b) Sensitization to students and parents on the culture of cost sharing in higher education,
c) Promoting establishment of Open and Distance Learning cultures and facilities by residential universities,
d) Diversification of entry schemes into university education,
e) Ensuring improved teaching and learning facilities,
f) Coordination of admission of students in university institutions through the Central Admission System,
g) Revising students admission guidelines establishing alternative admission routes for science students,
h) Promoting public awareness on importance of science to socio-economic development,
i) Advising Government on issues related to admissions.