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How do I apply for admission into University institutions?

You should apply directly to your most preffered programme and institution. Applications are channeled directly to the respective institution

What are the required qualifications to join a Bachelor’s degree programme?

Requirements to join Bachelor degree programmes depends on the entry mode. To view minimum requirements for each entry mode click here

How do I seek and obtain transfer from one University to another?  

You should seek clarifications from the institution you want to transfer to. Different institutions have different ways of receiving transfer requests.

How do I change a programme I have been admitted to?

You should first cancel the previous admission/selection and apply for another programme or institution

How do I transfer Credits accumulated from another University?

If you wish to transfer your credits please click here to see guidelines

How to I seek for fresh application after discontinuation from studies?

Fill in re-application form available on TCU website, attach the discontinuation letter and submit to TCU through email or box number provided on the website. After doing so you can apply for admission in your preffered institution

How do I postpone studies?

To postpone studies please consult your respective institution. They will guide you on what to do. Procedures for postponment may vary from one institution to another.

How do I get a No Objection Certificate?

To get a No Objection Certificate please click here

Can I submit a new curriculum in a hard copy?

No. TCU has developed an online system known as Programme Management System (PMS) to facilitate University Institutions to upload their curricula for accreditation. Therefore, all curricula are submitted online through the PMS. To view, click here.

What is the procedure for programme accreditation?

Click here to view the procedure for programme accreditation.

Where do I get the format to guide me in curriculum design?

To obtain the format for curriculum design click here

How do I apply for recognition of my foreign award?

Click here to get to the link which will guide you to learn how to apply for recognition of a foreign award.

How do I get payment control number?

To obtain control number please click here

Does TCU assess awards conferred by non-university institutions?

TCU does not assess awards conferred by non-university institutions. Holders of such awards are advised to contact the National Council for Technical Education.

How do I lodge an appeal in case I am not satisfied with the outcome of foreign award assessment?

To lodge an appeal so as to request TCU to review its decision on the assessed certificate write a letter giving reasons for the appeal and attach evidence to justify the same. The letter should be addressed to the Executive Secretary  through this address.

How much do I have to pay for foreign award assessment?

Currently charges for assessment of foreign awards is as follows:Bachelor’s degree is TZS 100,000. For Master’s degree is TZS 150,000 and for PhD is TZS 150,000

How do I track the status of my application for foreign award assessment?

To know the status of your application log in to your FAAS account and click on view button under Options. At the bottom of the page you will see the status of your application.

What is the procedure for establishing a new university in Tanzania?

The procedure for establishing a new university in Tanzania is elaborated here

Does TCU charge fees for establishing a new university in Tanzania?

Tanzanian investor who wishes to establish university in Tanzania must pay a non-refundable fee of TZS 5,000,000. For non-Tanzanian investors the charged fee is $ 5,000.

How many universities are in Tanzania?

To view the number of universities in Tanzania please click here