Under Regulation 47(1) (d) and (f) of the Universities (General) Regulation, G.N. 226 of 2013, no person or institution, whether local or foreign, shall without the express approval of the Commission, advertise to offer any university-level award, organise exhibitions on university education or recruit students in the United Republic of Tanzania to join foreign university institution.

In recent years, Tanzania has experienced the establishment of Overseas Student Recruitment Agencies (OSRAs) to help enroll students in foreign universities. However, this sector has been unregulated as there was no documented information on their registration and accreditation status as well as guidelines and criteria for the services rendered by such agencies.

In view of the aforesaid, TCU has established guidelines that require every agency intending to carry out overseas education student recruitment to lodge their applications for registration to TCU. The aim is to ensure the quality of graduates recruited by these agencies, as well be satisfied that students are admitted in institutions which deliver quality higher education. Currently there are 24 Overseas Student Recruitment Agencies registered by the Commission. To view the registered Overseas Student Recruitment Agencies, click here.