Executive Secretary

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The number of Universities and University Colleges increased from 1 University College in 1961 to 49 Universities and University Colleges by March, 2023. Other notable successes registered over the past decade include improvement in the coordination of admission services by increasing equity in access to higher education; development of university level quality assurance tools including the University Qualifications Framework (UQF), Minimum Guidelines and Norms for University Governance Units, Minimum Guidelines for Employment, Staff Performance Review and Career Development, Minimum Guidelines for the Harmonization of Awards offered in Tanzania, Minimum Standards for Postgraduate Training and Credit Accumulation and Transfer General Guidelines. Moreover, TCU developed a number of online systems including Programme Management System (PMS) – for validation and approval of programme curricula; Foreign Award Assessment System (FAAS) – for  assessment and evaluation of awards conferred outside the country; and University Information Management System (UIMS) for collection, processing, storage and dissemination of information related to university information.

TCU has also been supporting universities through training on various matters related to university leadership and management, resource mobilisation and strengthening internal quality assurance systems. A total of 87 Vice Chancellors, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Principals/Provosts, Deputy Principals/Provosts from different universities and university colleges have benefited through this training over the past decade. On the similar note, a total of 36 Deans and Directors as well as 79 Heads of Departments have been trained in various thematic areas including curriculum development and quality assurance.

With support of our stakeholders, we are determined and committed do better for improved growth and quality of university education in our country.