Executive Secretary

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The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) has been organizing annually, Higher Education Exhibitions from 2006. The main objective of this event is to create a marketing platform for Higher Learning Institutions within and outside Tanzania to publicize to the public their academic programmes and other services they offer. Specific objectives are to:  

  • Demonstrate the role played by Higher Education Institutions, Professional Bodies, as well as Research and Development in the country’s overall development;
  • Educate and inform potential students and the public at large about the programmes. products and services available to them in our local Higher Education Institutions and elsewhere;
  • Foster Higher Education Institutions -industry partnerships;
  • To provide a forum to engage stakeholders in a dialogue on Higher Education issues in the country;
  • Enable prospective Higher Education applicants and the general public to interrelate with Universities, Regulatory Bodies and Research Institutions to enable them make an informed career choice.


Participation to the event

Application to participate at the exhibitions (as an exhibitor) is done online through

 Attendance to the exhibitions for the public is free.  


Exhibitions rules and guidelines

In order to have well coordinated and effective Higher Education Exhibitions, the Commission has set rules that govern the whole event. To view the rules click here.